EMAC 2016: General Rules & Regulations

These rules are binding for all exhibitors and their subcontractors.

Please note:

  • Build-up of the exhibition spaces is planned for Tuesday 24th of May between 2 pm. and 5.30 pm. Dismantling will take place during the last day of congress, Friday 27th of May between 4pm and 5.30 pm.
  • All aisles must be clear of exhibits and packaging materials to enable cleaning
  • Empty crates and packaging materials must be removed after set-up
  • No equipment, display aid or other material can be left behind after the dismantling
  • No carpets allowed

Ceiling Suspensions

Ceiling hangings are not permitted.


Coffee and lunch will be provided during breaks by EMAC 2016.


One socket will be provided. Please contact us if you require more.

Loading facilities

The exhibition hall is situated on the second floor and pallets cannot be rolled inside.


BI Norwegian Business School does not have place for storage, but the exhibition area will be locked at night.

Customs Clearance, Freight Handling & Onsite Logistic Services

For security, insurance and efficiency reasons, participants and exhibitors should contact On-Site Norway AS Your contact person for booking and questions at On-site Norway AS will be

Mr. Svein Lillebø
Phonenumber: +47 23 73 83 05
Email: svein@onsitegroup.no
Website: www.onsitegroup.no

Terminal adress:
On-Site Norway AS
c/o Bring Logistics
Skur 74 Kongshavn
N-0193 Oslo, Norway
Contact person: Ole, Mobile +47 991 85 580

Custom Code on T-document: NO01011A


  • Air freight should arrive at the airport ultimately 1 week before preferred delivery at the congress venue.
  • (Please make sure to register your shipment not later than 2 weeks beforehand)
  • Sea freight should arrive at the harbor ultimately 2 weeks before preferred delivery at the congress venue.
  • (Please make sure to register your shipment not later than 3 weeks beforehand)
  • Road freight should arrive ultimately 1 week before preferred delivery at the congress venue
(Please make sure to register your shipment not later than 2 weeks beforehand)

Case Markings:
EMAC 2016 - Oslo
Exhibitor: (fill out name)
Booth no.:(fill out)
Contact person and mobile no: (fill out)

Service fee

Tariffs for logistics services provided by On-site Norway AS are offered on case-to-case basis. When using express courier services (TNT, Fedex, UPS, DHL Express), please note that destination customs clearance is not included in their services. Customs clearance for temporary or permanent importation may be required upon arrival. Tariffs are available on simple request. Appointments need to be made for delivering and storage

Exhibitors who use their own shipping facilities to the venue are requested to coordinate a time schedule with On-Site Norway AS for unloading their cargo into the venue. All shipments and deliveries, including by courier, must be coordinated with On-Site Norway AS. We kindly ask you not to send any material before your arrival date to BI Norwegian Business School as it cannot be accepted.

Promotional Activities

All demonstrations or instructional activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibition stand. Advertising material and signs may not be distributed or displayed outside the exhibitor’s stands. Sound equipment must be regulated and directed into the stand so that it does not disturb neighboring exhibits. Exhibition Management reserves the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise or music that is deemed objectionable.

Special Effects

Special effects lighting, live music, smoke and laser projection may not be used in the stands. No permission will be given for projection in the aisles or on the walls of the hall.

General Fire Regulations

Stand material and fittings must be of non-inflammable materials or impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals. As a general rule, easily inflammable synthetic substances, foam polyester, and non-fireproof straw and reeds are prohibited.

Damage to the Premises

Exhibitors are liable for all damage caused to floors, walls and pillars during the installation, exhibition and dismantling periods. No adhesive stickers and fixtures of any kind are allowed on floors, walls and pillars.

Disposal of Material

It is obligatory to collect and dispose of all material during the breakdown or dismantling of the event. When the dismantling period is over, the exhibitor loses any right to claim for losses or damage to property left behind and any costs incurred by the venue in removing this property will be charged to the exhibitor.

Hanging of Posters, Banners etc.

Hanging of posters, banners or decals, stickers or similar things, on the walls, floors, ceilings or columns within or outside the installations of the venue are not allowed.

Conference Bag inserts

Please send 1,200 conference bag inserts to:

BI Norwegian Business School
EMAC 2016
Att: Kristine Seeberg
BI Varemottak
Nydalsveien 21
N-0442-Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 46410202 

Insert to the conference bag must be received by BI no later than May 12th 2016. (1.200 pcs)
Any questions concerning the inserts contact EMAC2016@gyro.no

Fire Insurance (compulsory)

Exhibitors must be insured against fire. Participation by exhibitors is dependent upon compliance with all rules, regulations and conditions stated herein.

Insurance (compulsory)

Neither the organisers nor BI Norwegian Business School, their representatives or agents will be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s property. Exhibitors must take precautions to protect their property against pilferage. The exhibitor is responsible for his property and person and for the property and persons of his employees through full and comprehensive insurance, and shall hold harmless the organisers for any and all damage claims arising from theft and those perils usually covered by a fire and extended-coverage policy. Therefore, you are obliged to have a public liability insurance that covers all injuries to persons and damages that might cover in connection with the exhibition. We also recommended that you have additional coverage against loss or damage to exhibition material during transport and during exhibition times. Please make arrangements for insurance coverage through your company’s insurer. Note that the conference venue will be closed off after conference hours and the building closes according to ordinary opening hours.

Venue information

The bookseller market will take place during the coffee breaks and lunch and will be held in the hall outside the auditoiriums where the conference tracks take place.