Marketing in the age of data

Today, the world is being dramatically reshaped by the omnipresence of data and by the convergence of various data sources.

Novel technologies have not only facilitated access to new kinds of data, but also significantly increased the quality and quantity of the data to which we have access. While these developments provide our discipline with distinctive possibilities to thrive, they also demand new tools, techniques, and ethical principles to be established to treat data.

EMAC 2016 in Oslo provides a unique opportunity to discuss these topics and to learn from distinguished members of our discipline about the significant transformations of marketing research and practice in the age of data.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at BI for EMAC 2016.

Latest news 

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The EMAC 2016 chairs:

  • Klemens Knöferle
      Klemens Knöferle
    • Luk Warlop
        Luk Warlop
      • Bendik Samuelsen
          Bendik Samuelsen