EMAC2016 Film Festival

The second EMAC film festival will feature five films, starting on Wednesday. You may want to have a look at the trailers of these films right now!
Session 1 (Wednesday May 25, B2-020, 11-12:30)
- Follow me on death media: https://vimeo.com/112098736
- Paradoxes in postmodern consumption: https://vimeo.com/167693126
Session 2 (Wednesday May 25, B2-020, 14-15:30)
- A Sunday at a car boot sale: https://vimeo.com/167115972
- Yoga and Fashion: https://vimeo.com/167800575 (Password: YogaAndFashionTrailer)
- Walking with Zombies - Insights into the Subculture of the Undead: https://vimeo.com/164048352